Associated Documentation for Frequently Asked Questions

Order Processing
View ContentIs PetExec integrated with a merchant account so we can process credit cards?

Yes! See details for more information.

View ContentHow do I issue a refund?

Here are our recommended guidelines on refunding an item/service.

View ContentHow can I apply multiple payments types to an order?

PetExec only allows you to select one type of payment at checkout, but you can easily take more than one payment. View Content for more details.

View ContentWhat is the best way to enter or process a coupon into PetExec?

You can create a product in PetExec for the coupon and simply add the product to the cart at checkout.  The steps are listed below.

View ContentHow can I use Gift Certificates in PetExec?

PetExec provides a “Gift Certificate” payment type and you can add “gift certificate” products to your PetExec system.  You can then sell the gift certificate product, and choose the “Gift Certificate” payment type when redeeming a gift certificate for any services.​  Click View Content for details.