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Owner Portal/Mobile App
View ContentAn Overview of the owner portal and mobile app

This document gives a high-level overview of the owner portal and mobile app functionality. Click here to view PDF.

View ContentWeb Developers Guide

WebDevelopersGuide: PetExec Customer Login​Create your own custom login page, Create a way for customers to register online

View ContentOwner Portal/Mobile App - Setup Guide

PetExec's Owner Portal/Mobile App - Set Up Guide - This document gives step by step instructions on how to setup the owner portal/mobile app.

View ContentMobile App - Customization Guide

This document describes the steps for customization of the mobile app.  Mobile App Customization.

View ContentCurbside Service Overview

Pet parents can use the mobile app and/or the owner portal to notify you when they are arriving for curbside service. They can create events for picking up or dropping off and employees can manage curbside events to easily see who is on the way or who has arrived.

Employees can see a list of all the events from pet owners sorted by estimated arrival time and mark events when they are completed.

Pet Snaps users can also enable SMS text notifications for these events so that employees receive text notifications. 

(Curbside feature is available as part of the 3.8 PetExec release)