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Frequently Asked Questions
General Trouble Shooting
View ContentWhy do I get redirected to the Dashboard?

In most cases, it is due to not having access to that function. View Content for more details.

View ContentWhy can't I connect to PetExec?

PetExec runs on a number of servers on the Rackspace Cloud and contains multiple databases and web servers. In the rare case that a server goes down, we have a backup. View content for more details.

View ContentI can't login to PetExec?

If you are unable to login to PetExec there are few different things you can try to trouble shoot the problem.  Click view content for more information.

View ContentWhy do I keep getting logged out?

Due to PCI compliance, we have implemented a session timeout feature.  (PCI compliance recommends no longer than 15 minutes.)

View Content How do I enable new features released as part of a PetExec software update for my PetExec system?

Each time PetExec launches a software update, the new features and functions are available to you.  All you have to do is enable them!  The following are the steps required to add any new menu options to your employee type.

You can also reference the New Release Notes section of the documentation site for all the details related to features included in a new release. In addition to these menu options, there are often new application preferences added as well.  New Release Notes is the place to access all documentation support related to how to use the new features, menu options and application preferences included in a PetExec software update!

View ContentDo you have a network of other PetExec Packmates I can ask questions?

Yes, and they are very smart too!  Join our Facebook User group:

View ContentHow do I remove a pet from my dashboard that was signed in accidentally?

You can simply delete that item from the cart. 

View ContentWhy don't images appear in report cards when printed?

If you are having trouble seeing an image when printing a report card, it is most likely a printer setting, Click "View Content" for steps to correct this issue.

View ContentI signed a pet out of Boarding by accident, how do I sign them back in?

Sign them back in via modify boarding, delete the order (take note of the dates/times), modify the dates on the dashboard. Click here for the PDF.

View ContentWhy do I have a "B" icon for some of my pets on my boarding screens?

The  icon (first time boarder) will display on boarding screens to indicate a pet who does not have a previous active boarding appointment in PetExec. Click View Content for details and how to disable if desired.

View ContentWhy do I get an error message related to the number of pets when scheduling or modifying a boarding?

If you are getting this error message when trying to schedule a boarding "The # of pets entered does not match the number of pets selected to board." it is related to error checking between available pets and the # of pets entered. Click view content for info on how to resolve this error message.


View ContentWhat's the best way to update the feeding and/or medication information for a boarding appointment, scorecard, or Boarding Daily To-Do?

It depends! PetExec is very flexible in this area.  See the details for a full explanation. (The Scorecard and Boarding Daily To-Do report use the details in the boarding appointment.)

View ContentHow do I print all the scorecards for pets coming on a given day?

Boarding : Main Menu--> Daycare & Boarding --> Sign-In Boarding  or Main Menu--> Daycare & Boarding --> Modify Boarding

Daycare :  Main Menu--> Daycare & Boarding -->​ Daycare Schedule Report

View ContentHow do I automatically charge an additional fee if boarding pets are not picked up by a certain time?

PetExec can automatically add a fee to a boarding if a specific boarding end time has been reached.  Click View Content for the steps to add this fee.

View ContentI am changing my boarding pricing, what is the best way to update PetExec with the new pricing?

You have a few options for updating your pricing in PetExec depending on how you want to roll out your new pricing.  Click View Content for Details and options.

Company Preferences
View ContentHow do I update my credit card info?

PetExec provides an easy and secure way to update the credit information used for monthly billing by PetExec. Reference our Maintain Company Info documentation.

View ContentHow do I purchase add-ons for PetExec, such as Pet Snaps Messaging, Mobile App Subscription, Golden Paw Coaching, and Data Transfers?

PetExec provides an easy and secure way to purchase add-ons to your subscription, such as Pet Snaps Messaging, Mobile App Subscription, Golden Paw Coaching, and Data Transfers.



View ContentHow do we pre-pay for a daycare?

Easy! Simply go to Owners & Pets -> Owner Payment / Refund and process their payment. View Content for more details.

View ContentWhy do I see "other" by my daycare services and "basic" by my daycare packages? Can I remove them?

With PetExec 3.6 you have the option of more control of daycare packages and daycare services, however, your current daycare products/services will continue to work like they have in the past.  You cannot remove those designations from the descriptions in the drop down menus. Click "View Content" for additional details.

View ContentHow do I sort my daycare

Be sure to set the sort order accordingly in Products & Services --> Maintain Products or Services for all the "Daycare" Service Type items.

View ContentHow do I add customers’ existing daycare packages from another software/system/process to their account in PetExec?

If you are new to PetExec and have pet owners with existing daycare packages that need to be added to PetExec click View Content for the steps to add their packages to their owner account.

View ContentDo you have more information on the formatting options displayed in PetExec Notes and Emails?

For more information on using these tools, please click here for the Ck Source User’s Guide.  Scroll down to the Text Styling, Text Layout, and Creating Rich Text areas.  Not all the links listed in the user’s guide are included in the PetExec toolbar.  Hover over an icon in PetExec to see the name/identifier.

View ContentHow can I link documents to Agreements, Email Templates, and Email Blasts?

Click for more information on including links to documents in your agreements, email templates and email blasts.

View ContentHow can I use my own images in templates?

Upload them from your device to PetExec and have them available anytime you want to use them in templates. Click here for our PDF.

View ContentHow do I delete an employee from the system or revoke their system access?

The steps to delete an employee from your PetExec system, or simply change their login/password to disable their access.  

Images and Files
View ContentWhy won't my file upload?

Files need to be < 8 MB in size.  If you have successfully uploaded the image, and you are still seeing an old image, try clearing your cache, specifically cached images and files.    

View ContentWhy won't my pet picture upload?

Images need to be < 6 MB is size.

View ContentWhen pictures are taken and uploaded into PetExec in pet photo, owner notes, emails etc. they show the correct orientation on the computer where they are downloaded, but when uploaded to PetExec they are rotated incorrectly. How can I fix this?

There is no way to rotate or change the orientation of a picture once it is uploaded into PetExec.  However, we can troubleshoot how the picture was loaded into PetExec.  The original image must be a .jpeg file type.  For the image to have to correct orientation, it must be the original image.  Images that are modified and rotated manually in a photo program or a program like “paint”, will not be correctly oriented by PetExec during the upload.

Try taking a new photo and uploading into PetExec without modifying.  Click "View Content" for additional details.

Order Processing
View ContentIs PetExec integrated with a merchant account so we can process credit cards?

Yes! See details for more information.

View ContentHow do I issue a refund?

Here are our recommended guidelines on refunding an item/service.

View ContentHow can I apply multiple payments types to an order?

PetExec only allows you to select one type of payment at checkout, but you can easily take more than one payment. View Content for more details.

View ContentWhat is the best way to enter or process a coupon into PetExec?

You can create a product in PetExec for the coupon and simply add the product to the cart at checkout.  The steps are listed below.

View ContentHow can I use Gift Certificates in PetExec?

PetExec provides a “Gift Certificate” payment type and you can add “gift certificate” products to your PetExec system.  You can then sell the gift certificate product, and choose the “Gift Certificate” payment type when redeeming a gift certificate for any services.​  Click View Content for details.

Owner Portal/Mobile App
View ContentMy owners/clients can no longer see boarding, daycare or grooming services when they are scheduling appointments through the PetExec Owner Portal, why not?

You can choose which products and services your owners can select when scheduling or requesting to schedule through the PetExec Owner Portal.  Here's how!

View ContentHow do I log in to the Demo from the PetExec Mobile App?

You will need to change the environment the app is pointing to.

View ContentWhat do these error messages from the mobile app mean?

There are two error messages common in the PetExec Mobile app, click view content to see samples of the error and how to resolve them.

Owners & Pets
View ContentHow can I quickly find an owner/pet in PetExec?

The best way to find an owner/pet is to use the Global Search (the oval in the top left corner) and search by owner first and last name or pet first and owner last name.  Click View Content for details on searchable fields.

View ContentWhy do I have an owner in my system twice and how can I fix it?

Sometimes duplicate owner accounts are created by employees or the owners themselves. View Content for more details.

View ContentHow do I see all the emails, SMS/texts, and app messages that I have sent to an owner?

You can access all communications for an owner via the owner menu-->Owner Communications.  Click View Content for more details and screen shots.

View ContentHow do I send a text message to a customer?

Use the  icon in the customer's menu to open the SMS window, type in your message and click on the "Send SMS Message" button. See details for more information.

View ContentHow do we sell a product to someone that is not a client?

We recommend that you create a generic owner called "Retail" or "Walk-In" with an associated pet and use that owner when doing an Owner Purchase. View Content for more details.

View ContentHow do I not require an email address when adding an owner?

You can turn off email addresses by un-checking the "Require Owner Email" preference located in the Miscellaneous tab under Company Preferences -> Application Preferences.

View ContentHow do I control which agreements/contracts are shown in the owner menu?

With PetExec 3.5 you have to option to choose which contracts you show in the owner menu.  Click View Content for details.

View ContentWhy do I have duplicate pet advisories after PetExec 3.6?

With PetExec 3.6 we added the ability to add custom icons to pet and owner advisories.  Packmates can select the icons and the colors and choose to show individual icons throughout the system.  Click "View Content" for details on deleting the duplicates without impacting pet records which are associated with the default pet advisories.

View ContentHow do I reconcile my data from my PetExec QuickBooks export?

While PetExec tech support cannot reconcile your data from PetExec to QuickBooks, we do have these recommendations.

View ContentWhat reports have tip information?

The main ones are: Statistic Reports (Total Tips by date range and details by order), Daily Statistics (Total Amount Charged This Day), Grooming Report (for All Groomers or specific individuals), Scheduled Services Report (for specific services and employees)

Scheduled Services
View ContentHow can I schedule a private training appointment?

PetExec’s Scheduled Services module is designed to handle all service appointments that do not fall under the Daycare, Boarding, Grooming, or Group Training modules. View Content for more details.