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Getting Started
View ContentGetting Familiar with the PetExec Documentation

How is the documentation site organized? This PDF will give you an overview.

View ContentSetting up your PetExec is as easy as 123!

New to the PetExec pack?   This document will take you step by step through your PetExec set up.  Setting Up Your PetExec is Easy as 123!

View ContentTech Support Guidelines for Packmates

Details about PetExec's technical support can be found in this PDF.

View ContentAn Overview of Adding Products and Services to your PetExec System

New to the PetExec Pack?  This document provides a general overview of adding products and services.  Products and services should be added to PetExec for any services scheduled for a pet, retail products sold, or additional charges assessed.

View ContentAdding Food and Retail Products/Services

New to the PetExec pack?  These documents describe the relevant fields when adding food products/services and retail products/services.

View ContentAdding "Other" Package Products & Services

New to the PetExec pack?   This document describes the relevant fields when adding "other" package products/services. "Other" package products/services can include your grooming or scheduled services products, for example, a package of 5 dog walks, or 5 baths.

View ContentHours of Operation Overview

Hours of Operation Overview.  The document covers Maintain Hours of Operation and Hours of Operation calendar under Company Preferences.

View ContentAdding existing daycare packages from another software/system/process to an owner account in PetExec

If you are new to PetExec and have pet owners with existing daycare packages that need to be added to PetExec this document describes the steps to add existing packages to an owners account

View ContentVaccinations Overview

Vaccinations are important to healthy pets and a healthy business. In PetExec, there are many options throughout the system for how pet vaccinations are handled and displayed.  The Vaccinations Overview document provides an overview of pet vaccinations throughout PetExec.

View ContentAdding Daycare Products & Services

New to the PetExec pack?   This document describes the relevant fields when adding daycare products/services.

View ContentAdding Daycare Package Products & Services

New to the PetExec pack?   This document describes the relevant fields when adding daycare package products/services.

View ContentPlay Area Manager

An Overview of the Play Area Manager.  The Play Area Manager gives you the option to view all pets in your play areas and quick move multiple pets between play areas.  Sort and filter by many options, as well as having access to critical pet information

View ContentSmart Daycare Feature

An Overview of the smart daycare features included in PetExec 3.6.

View ContentAutomatic Daycare Feature

In PetExec you have the option to Enable Automatic Daycare.  When enabled, daycare services will automatically change at checkout to either the next highest priced daycare or the next daycare service as configured in each daycare services’ settings.  You can set the length of time (in hours) required to trigger the service change.  Click for details on the Automatic Daycare Feature

View ContentSetting up kennels and boarding services

Setting up kennels and boarding services

View ContentAdding Boarding Products & Services

New to the PetExec pack?   This document describes the relevant fields when adding boarding products/services.

View ContentAdding Boarding Package Products & Services

New to the PetExec pack?   This document describes the relevant fields when adding boarding package products/services.

View ContentAdditional Boarding Setup and Daily Operations Guide

Additional Boarding Setup and Daily Operations Guide

View ContentUsing Custom Boarding Features

Overview of the Custom Boarding Features found under the Daily Details boarding page.  Custom boarding is a PetExec feature that allows you to change details like boarding services, prices and kennels on a daily basis for a boarding appointment.

View ContentBoarding eScorecard

An Overview of the Boarding eScorecard Feature.  

View ContentBoarding Status Colors Feature

An overview of the Boarding Status Colors feature and options.

View ContentI signed a pet out of Boarding by accident, how do I sign them back in?

Sign them back in via modify boarding, delete the order (take note of the dates/times), modify the dates on the dashboard. Click here for the PDF.

View ContentAdding Grooming Products & Services

New to the PetExec pack?   This document describes the relevant fields when grooming products/services.

View ContentGrooming Calendar Overview

Overview of the uses of the grooming calendar.

Scheduled Services
View ContentScheduled Services Overview

Overview of the Scheduled Services Module and Adding a Service Type.

View ContentAdding Scheduled Services Products & Services

New to the PetExec pack?   This document describes the relevant fields when adding scheduled service products/services.

View ContentAdding Group Training Products & Services

New to the PetExec pack?   This document describes the relevant fields when group training products/services.

View ContentCommunication Templates

Communication templates are the default message templates that PetExec uses for all automated and blastable messages. Click for details on how to update your communication templates for emails and automated SMS messages.

View ContentUploading Images For Emails, Agreements, Report Cards etc

Upload an image to PetExec to use in email templates & other places. Click here for the PDF.

View ContentLinking Documents Within Emails, Agreements, Report Cards etc.

While you cannot attach a document to an email, it is easier than ever to include a LINK to a document in an email, agreement report card etc.  Click here for the PDF.

Owner Portal/Mobile App
View ContentAn Overview of the owner portal and mobile app

This document gives a high-level overview of the owner portal and mobile app functionality. Click here to view PDF.

View ContentWeb Developers Guide

WebDevelopersGuide: PetExec Customer Login​Create your own custom login page, Create a way for customers to register online

View ContentOwner Portal/Mobile App - Setup Guide

PetExec's Owner Portal/Mobile App - Set Up Guide - This document gives step by step instructions on how to setup the owner portal/mobile app.

View ContentMobile App - Customization Guide

This document describes the steps for customization of the mobile app.  Mobile App Customization.

View ContentCurbside Service Overview

Pet parents can use the mobile app and/or the owner portal to notify you when they are arriving for curbside service. They can create events for picking up or dropping off and employees can manage curbside events to easily see who is on the way or who has arrived.

Employees can see a list of all the events from pet owners sorted by estimated arrival time and mark events when they are completed.

Pet Snaps users can also enable SMS text notifications for these events so that employees receive text notifications. 

(Curbside feature is available as part of the 3.8 PetExec release)

Additional Features
View ContentPassword Reset

The password reset function step by step with screen shots included! This process can be followed for either an employee or a pet owner logging into the owner portal.

View ContentBarcodes

ScanningBarcodes- Using key tags for owners or pets, barcodes/SKU for retail

View ContentPet Notes and Appointment Notes

PetExec knows that you love your notes about pets and appointments.  This document summarizes how to add Pet Notes and Appointment notes and where each show up throughout PetExec. Click for a summary of Pet Notes and Appointment Notes.

View ContentOccupancy Functionality Overview

The Occupancy Functionality PDF provides an overview of this feature which includes the necessary setup. This feature allows businesses to limit the number of pets that can be scheduled, or signed in, on a specific day.

View ContentOverride Functionality Overview

The Override Functionality PDF provides an overview including setup details, errors that can be overridden, and step by step instructions.

View ContentQuickBooks Export Overview

Overview of the QuickBooks Export function

View ContentReceipt Printing Tips

Receipt Printing Tips for receipt/standard printers. (Also contains details on capturing tips/signatures before processing an order.)

View ContentRecurring Billing

Recurring Billing allows you to automatically bill a customer’s valid credit card on file weekly, monthly, or annually for a product/service(s). 

You must have integrated credit card processing set up, and a valid customer credit card associated with the owner record to use the recurring billing feature. Click for details on how to set up and manage recurring billing in PetExec.

View ContentReport Card Functionality

The Report Card Functionality PDF covers template setup, creating report cards and report card maintenance.

View ContentTesting adding a GIF file

Example of employee signing in and signing out.

View ContentRestrict Employee IP Login by Address

An overview of the Restrict Employee IP Login by Address feature.

View ContentRefunding An Order

Details on how to apply a refund.

View ContentModifying Orders - Change an owner payment to a boarding deposit

This document outlines the steps to change an order from an owner payment (which is applied as a general credit to an account) to a boarding deposit (which is applied to a specific boarding reservation).  Modify Orders-Payment to Boarding Deposit.

View ContentModifying Orders - Daycare packages, daycare products, sign-in/sign-out times.

This document outlines the steps to modify orders related to Daycare packages, products and sign-in sign-out times.

Release Notes
View ContentPetExec 3.0 New Functionality Aide

An overview of what is new in PetExec 3.0 - PetExec 3.0 New Functionalty Aide