Reset Contracts

To reset signed contract details for ALL pet owners, select the contract you which to reset.  Caution, this action cannot be undone.

Required by Portal/App indicates if the application preference is selected to force your pet owners to sign the contract.

Status and show to owner refers those values in the maintain agreements page.

reset contracts 1.jpg (72 KB)


Here is an example of a pet owner with signed contracts in the owner record prior to resetting contracts:

reset contracts 2.jpg (110 KB)


After the contracts are reset:

reset contracts 3.jpg (101 KB)

reset contracts 4.jpg (74 KB)



We recommend downloading the Owner/Pet report for your owner data prior to resetting contracts if you want to save a record of what was there prior to resetting.



Last Modified: Sunday, August 15, 2021 at 12:19 PM