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Images and Files
View ContentWhy won't my file upload?

Files need to be < 8 MB in size.  If you have successfully uploaded the image, and you are still seeing an old image, try clearing your cache, specifically cached images and files.    

View ContentWhy won't my pet picture upload?

Images need to be < 6 MB is size.

View ContentWhen pictures are taken and uploaded into PetExec in pet photo, owner notes, emails etc. they show the correct orientation on the computer where they are downloaded, but when uploaded to PetExec they are rotated incorrectly. How can I fix this?

There is no way to rotate or change the orientation of a picture once it is uploaded into PetExec.  However, we can troubleshoot how the picture was loaded into PetExec.  The original image must be a .jpeg file type.  For the image to have to correct orientation, it must be the original image.  Images that are modified and rotated manually in a photo program or a program like “paint”, will not be correctly oriented by PetExec during the upload.

Try taking a new photo and uploading into PetExec without modifying.  Click "View Content" for additional details.