Associated Documentation for Frequently Asked Questions

View ContentHow do we pre-pay for a daycare?

Easy! Simply go to Owners & Pets -> Owner Payment / Refund and process their payment. View Content for more details.

View ContentWhy do I see "other" by my daycare services and "basic" by my daycare packages? Can I remove them?

With PetExec 3.6 you have the option of more control of daycare packages and daycare services, however, your current daycare products/services will continue to work like they have in the past.  You cannot remove those designations from the descriptions in the drop down menus. Click "View Content" for additional details.

View ContentHow do I sort my daycare

Be sure to set the sort order accordingly in Products & Services --> Maintain Products or Services for all the "Daycare" Service Type items.

View ContentHow do I add customers’ existing daycare packages from another software/system/process to their account in PetExec?

If you are new to PetExec and have pet owners with existing daycare packages that need to be added to PetExec click View Content for the steps to add their packages to their owner account.