Associated Documentation for Frequently Asked Questions

View ContentI signed a pet out of Boarding by accident, how do I sign them back in?

Sign them back in via modify boarding, delete the order (take note of the dates/times), modify the dates on the dashboard. Click here for the PDF.

View ContentWhy do I have a "B" icon for some of my pets on my boarding screens?

The  icon (first time boarder) will display on boarding screens to indicate a pet who does not have a previous active boarding appointment in PetExec. Click View Content for details and how to disable if desired.

View ContentWhy do I get an error message related to the number of pets when scheduling or modifying a boarding?

If you are getting this error message when trying to schedule a boarding "The # of pets entered does not match the number of pets selected to board." it is related to error checking between available pets and the # of pets entered. Click view content for info on how to resolve this error message.


View ContentWhat's the best way to update the feeding and/or medication information for a boarding appointment, scorecard, or Boarding Daily To-Do?

It depends! PetExec is very flexible in this area.  See the details for a full explanation. (The Scorecard and Boarding Daily To-Do report use the details in the boarding appointment.)

View ContentHow do I print all the scorecards for pets coming on a given day?

Boarding : Main Menu--> Daycare & Boarding --> Sign-In Boarding  or Main Menu--> Daycare & Boarding --> Modify Boarding

Daycare :  Main Menu--> Daycare & Boarding -->​ Daycare Schedule Report

View ContentHow do I automatically charge an additional fee if boarding pets are not picked up by a certain time?

PetExec can automatically add a fee to a boarding if a specific boarding end time has been reached.  Click View Content for the steps to add this fee.

View ContentI am changing my boarding pricing, what is the best way to update PetExec with the new pricing?

You have a few options for updating your pricing in PetExec depending on how you want to roll out your new pricing.  Click View Content for Details and options.