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General Trouble Shooting
View ContentWhy do I get redirected to the Dashboard?

In most cases, it is due to not having access to that function. View Content for more details.

View ContentWhy can't I connect to PetExec?

PetExec runs on a number of servers on the Rackspace Cloud and contains multiple databases and web servers. In the rare case that a server goes down, we have a backup. View content for more details.

View ContentI can't login to PetExec?

If you are unable to login to PetExec there are few different things you can try to trouble shoot the problem.  Click view content for more information.

View ContentWhy do I keep getting logged out?

Due to PCI compliance, we have implemented a session timeout feature.  (PCI compliance recommends no longer than 15 minutes.)

View Content How do I enable new features released as part of a PetExec software update for my PetExec system?

Each time PetExec launches a software update, the new features and functions are available to you.  All you have to do is enable them!  The following are the steps required to add any new menu options to your employee type.

You can also reference the New Release Notes section of the documentation site for all the details related to features included in a new release. In addition to these menu options, there are often new application preferences added as well.  New Release Notes is the place to access all documentation support related to how to use the new features, menu options and application preferences included in a PetExec software update!

View ContentDo you have a network of other PetExec Packmates I can ask questions?

Yes, and they are very smart too!  Join our Facebook User group:

View ContentHow do I remove a pet from my dashboard that was signed in accidentally?

You can simply delete that item from the cart. 

View ContentWhy don't images appear in report cards when printed?

If you are having trouble seeing an image when printing a report card, it is most likely a printer setting, Click "View Content" for steps to correct this issue.