Associated Documentation for Frequently Asked Questions

Owners & Pets
View ContentHow can I quickly find an owner/pet in PetExec?

The best way to find an owner/pet is to use the Global Search (the oval in the top left corner) and search by owner first and last name or pet first and owner last name.  Click View Content for details on searchable fields.

View ContentWhy do I have an owner in my system twice and how can I fix it?

Sometimes duplicate owner accounts are created by employees or the owners themselves. View Content for more details.

View ContentHow do I see all the emails, SMS/texts, and app messages that I have sent to an owner?

You can access all communications for an owner via the owner menu-->Owner Communications.  Click View Content for more details and screen shots.

View ContentHow do I send a text message to a customer?

Use the  icon in the customer's menu to open the SMS window, type in your message and click on the "Send SMS Message" button. See details for more information.

View ContentHow do we sell a product to someone that is not a client?

We recommend that you create a generic owner called "Retail" or "Walk-In" with an associated pet and use that owner when doing an Owner Purchase. View Content for more details.

View ContentHow do I not require an email address when adding an owner?

You can turn off email addresses by un-checking the "Require Owner Email" preference located in the Miscellaneous tab under Company Preferences -> Application Preferences.

View ContentHow do I control which agreements/contracts are shown in the owner menu?

With PetExec 3.5 you have to option to choose which contracts you show in the owner menu.  Click View Content for details.

View ContentWhy do I have duplicate pet advisories after PetExec 3.6?

With PetExec 3.6 we added the ability to add custom icons to pet and owner advisories.  Packmates can select the icons and the colors and choose to show individual icons throughout the system.  Click "View Content" for details on deleting the duplicates without impacting pet records which are associated with the default pet advisories.