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Getting Started
View ContentGetting Familiar with the PetExec Documentation

How is the documentation site organized? This PDF will give you an overview.

View ContentSetting up your PetExec is as easy as 123!

New to the PetExec pack?   This document will take you step by step through your PetExec set up.  Setting Up Your PetExec is Easy as 123!

View ContentTech Support Guidelines for Packmates

Details about PetExec's technical support can be found in this PDF.

View ContentAn Overview of Adding Products and Services to your PetExec System

New to the PetExec Pack?  This document provides a general overview of adding products and services.  Products and services should be added to PetExec for any services scheduled for a pet, retail products sold, or additional charges assessed.

View ContentAdding Food and Retail Products/Services

New to the PetExec pack?  These documents describe the relevant fields when adding food products/services and retail products/services.

View ContentAdding "Other" Package Products & Services

New to the PetExec pack?   This document describes the relevant fields when adding "other" package products/services. "Other" package products/services can include your grooming or scheduled services products, for example, a package of 5 dog walks, or 5 baths.

View ContentHours of Operation Overview

Hours of Operation Overview.  The document covers Maintain Hours of Operation and Hours of Operation calendar under Company Preferences.

View ContentAdding existing daycare packages from another software/system/process to an owner account in PetExec

If you are new to PetExec and have pet owners with existing daycare packages that need to be added to PetExec this document describes the steps to add existing packages to an owners account

View ContentVaccinations Overview

Vaccinations are important to healthy pets and a healthy business. In PetExec, there are many options throughout the system for how pet vaccinations are handled and displayed.  The Vaccinations Overview document provides an overview of pet vaccinations throughout PetExec.