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View ContentSign-In Boarding

Steps to sign a pet into boarding.

View ContentSchedule Boarding

Steps to schedule a boarding appointment

View ContentBoarding Kennel Availability

The Boarding Kennel Availability page provides an overview of the kennel reservations and is an easy way to see if a boarding reservation can be accommodated.

View ContentModify Boarding - Overview

An overview of the steps to modify an existing boarding reservation.

View ContentModify Boarding - Modify Boarding Schedule

Overview of the Modify Boarding Schedule Button located on the Modify Boarding page.

View ContentModify Boarding - Boarding Pets

Overview of the Boarding Pets button located on the Modify Boarding page.

View ContentModify Boarding - Associated Services

Overview of the Associated Services button located on the Modify Boarding page.

View ContentModify Boarding - Daily Details

Overview of the Daily Details button located on the Modify Boarding page.

View ContentBoarding Status

Overview of the Boarding Status functionality. Includes the "Wait List" boarding status.

View ContentBoarding Daily To-Do

Overview of the Boarding Daily To-Do Report.

View ContentBoarding eScorecard To-Do

Overview of the boarding eScorecard to-do. This option allows you manage Feeding, Medication, Eliminations, and custom to-dos for all pets in boarding.

View ContentBoarding Coming and Going

Overview of the Boarding Coming and Going Report

View ContentOwner Boarding History

Overview of the Owner Boarding History report.


View ContentBoarding Count by Service

Overview of the Boarding Count by Service Report.

View ContentBoarding Kennel Assignments

The Boarding Kennel Assignments page provides an overview of the available/reserved kennel numbers while also showing the specific kennel assignments.

View ContentBoarding Count by Kennel

Overview of the boarding count by kennel report.

View ContentBoarding Snapshot

Overview of the Boarding Snapshot Report.


View ContentBoarding By Kennel

Overview of the Boarding By Kennel report.


View ContentMove Daycare to Boarding

Overview of the Move Daycare to Boarding Menu Option.

View ContentBoarding Calendar

Overview of the boarding calendar.

View ContentBoarding Calculator

Overview of the boarding calculator.  The boarding calculator is used to calculate an estimate of boarding services.