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Products & Services
View ContentAdd Product / Service - General Overview

A general overview of the steps for adding a product or a service.  Products and Services include any services you would schedule for a pet, anything that you plan to sell through your PetExec system,or any charges that you would add to a customer's order.  This includes your boarding, daycare, grooming, scheduled services, group training, as well as any retail items or additional fees that you would charge your customers.

View ContentMaintain Products or Services

Maintain products or services provides an option for viewing and managing all of the products/services in Petexec.

View ContentModify Product Details

Modify product details allows you to manage some of the your PetExec products/services based on service type.  This is a great way to see all products/services of a unique service type and the unique, distinct settings for those services all on one page.

View ContentProduct List

The Product List Report displays all Products/Services in your PetExec system with an option to download to an Excel compatible spreadsheet. You can access it from the Menu-->Products & Services-->Product List.  Click "View Content" for details.

View ContentPaw Points

Paw Points are points that your owners can accumulate through purchasing products and services.  The points are then translated to a dollar value (based on the values you assign) and applied as a credit to a customer's account to be used during checkout.   These are the steps required to set up the Paw Points in PetExec

View ContentAdd a Vendor

Some businesses will use vendors to supply them with products sold within their facility.  Once added, a vendor can be associated with a product/service.  

View ContentModify Existing Vendors

Vendors can be modified after they are added by going to the Main Menu-->Products & Services-->Modify Existing Vendors.  Vendors can be associated with a product/service.

View ContentQuick Quote

The Quick Quote function is used to generate a web quote for selected services.  If a product/service is marked taxable, and there are applicable tax rates in the system the quote will include the calculated taxes and will assume the company's state for taxes.