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Group Training
View ContentGroup Training Schedule

Overview of the Group Training Schedule screen.

View ContentTraining Calendar

Overview of the Group Training Calendar

View ContentAdding A Group Training Class

Steps for adding a group training class

View ContentModify Group Training Class

Steps to modify a group training class.  From this screen you have the option to modify scheduled dates and times for a group training class.

View ContentAssign Pets to Class

Steps to Assign a Pet to a Group Training Class.  There is also the option from this screen to check the pet out and charge the customer for the group training class.

View ContentMaintain Group Training Requests

This function is used to delete or process Group Training requests made from the Owner Portal/Mobile App. Pet owners can simply request a Group Training class for their pet.  These requests must be processed through Petexec by an employee for the pet to be assigned to a Group Training class.