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Owner and Pet Reports
View ContentActive Daycare Packages Report

The Active Daycare Packages Report returns a list of all Active Daycare Packages in your system.

View ContentActive Boarding Packages Report

The Active Boarding Packages Report lists all the active Boarding Packages in your system.

View ContentEmail Bounce Report

The Email Bounce Report contains pet owners that were identified as having bad email addresses in the Primary Email address field.

(Email Bounce Report is available as part of the 3.8 PetExec release)

View ContentBreed Report

The Breed Report returns a list of all the breeds in your system, the price type for each breed and the number of active pets of that breed currently in the system.

View ContentOwner Activity Report

The owner activity report will show you any activity by an owner in the owner portal.   The data displayed based on report type depends on your application preference settings for the owner portal.

View ContentHow Heard Report

The How Heard Report lists all the owners that have been entered into the system in the date range selected, and includes the field of How Did you Hear about us.

View ContentOwner / Pet Report

The Owner / Pet Report lists the total of Owners and Pets that are in the system, how many are inactive and how many are active.  Clicking on a total box will download a spreadsheet for information on all your owners and all their pets.  This is useful if you need to see all your active owners including their emails in a spreadsheet.

View ContentPaw Point Report

The Paw Point Report helps you keep track of your system's Paw Points currently in use or during any given date range.

View ContentPet Advisory Report

The Pet Advisory Report allows you to keep track of all the pet advisories you have in your system.


View ContentPet Birthday Report

The Pet Birthday Report will list all the Pet Birthdays coming up in your chosen range.

View ContentOwner Note Report

This report will return owner notes based on the date range OR the values entered in the search criteria field.  This report can be used to see all pet owners with an owner note.


View ContentPet Note Report

This report will return pet notes based on the date range, the Note Type, AND the Pet Name entered.  You may optionally restrict the results by Pet Breed.