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Accounting Reports
View ContentBilling Comparison Report

The Billing Comparison Report lets you compare the selected year and previous year's data for the same time frame.

View ContentBilling Report

Overview of the Billing Report menu option.  This report will give you a spreadsheet for the billing records during the date range you specify, by any payment type or all payment types.


View ContentDaily Statistics Report

Overview of the Daily Statistics Report.  This report will give you sales statistics for the current day or for any selected day,

View ContentOwner Purchase Statistics

The Owner Purchase Statistics report lets you know which owners have not made any purchases within any given range. You can also choose to show only the owners who have made purchases in that date range.

View ContentPurchase Statistics Report

This spreadsheet shows a total for purchases by owner for any given date range with an option to include which services were purchased if desired.

View ContentQuickBooks Export

Overview of the QuickBooks Export menu option.  For the complete process see the QuickBooks Export Overview PDF.

View ContentService Type History

The Service Type History report gives you the quantity of orders by owner for a specified service type and date range, with an option to view the history for the owner from this report. 

View ContentStatistics Reports

The Statistics Reports include a breakdown of amount applied broken down by Payment Type and a Total of Amount Processed and a spreadsheet of amounts charged broken down by service for any given date range.

View ContentStats Report - By Service Type

This report will give you a breakdown by Service Type for a given date range with the option to view details of orders that are related to that service type.

View ContentStats by Service Type Comparison

The Statistics by Service Type Comparison report returns a chart of the selected year and previous year's data for the same time frame by Service Type.

View ContentScheduled Revenue Report

The scheduled revenue report is an estimate of the totals of scheduled daycare, scheduled boardings, scheduled groomings and scheduled services over a date or date range.

View ContentSystino/Listen360 Report

The Systino/Listen360 Report will download  an excel spreadsheet with the customer data for sales over the selected time frame.  The excel spreadsheet can then be uploaded to Systino/Listen360 or other marketing firm to generate feedback to help grow your business.

View ContentTax Report

The Tax Report is a report of all records marked taxable in your Products/Service list for any given date range.