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Order Processing
View ContentModify Orders

A overview of the Modify Orders screen in PetExec.  You can access all PetExec orders from this screen.

View ContentDeleted Orders

An overview of the deleted orders screen. Once an order has been deleted, it cannot be reinstated.

View ContentRefund Order

This is a legacy page in PetExec that was created prior to adding the apply refund button to the modify order page. To apply a refund, please follow these instructions:  How do I perform a refund back to a credit card in PetExec?

View ContentCart Checkout

Cart Checkout will show all products/services placed in a cart that have not been checked out yet. While this page is a great way to see all items in the cart, the best way to check a pet out is from the respective dashboard where they are signed in.  Checking out items in the cart will remove pets from their respective dashboards.

View ContentMaintain Cart

The Maintain Cart feature allows you to quickly make certain changes to or delete Products/Services that are in a cart but have not been checked out. Caution, deleting items from the cart may remove pets from their respective dashboards.

View ContentPurchase History

Purchase history is another way to see the purchase history for a pet owner.  The quickest way to access a purchase history 

View ContentMaintain Boarding Packages

Maintain Boarding Packages allows you to view all pet owners with Boarding Packages, or search for a specific pet owner. This is also the best way to see deleted boarding packages for a pet owner.