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PetExec 3.3 - Fall 2017
View ContentPetExec 3.3 Features list with screen shots and instructions

This document is extensive and includes all of the features included in PetExec 3.3 including screen shots and training related notes on how to use the features or the impacts changes.  This document will give you a good idea of what is changing with boarding and emails.  See new email images and find out how to be ready for PetExec 3.3.  Please check back here, this document will continue to be updated throughout the BETA testing period.

PetExec 3.3 Features List with Screen Shots and Instructions


View ContentPetExec 3.3 Features List

This is a "no frills" list of all the PetExec 3.3 Features without explanations or pictures.  Just the list, nothing but the list!

View ContentExamples of Boarding Service Selections

Attached are four different examples of how using the QTY/Day (quantity per day), # of pets (number of pets), # Kennels (number of Kennels) fields affects the calculation of boarding cost and kennels/rooms/spaces allocation:

Examples of Boarding Service Selections in PetExec 3.3

View ContentPetExec 3.3 Custom Boarding

A description of the features of Custom Boarding.  Custom boarding is a PetExec feature that allows you to change details like boarding services, prices and kennels on a daily basis for a boarding appointment.  This document describes how to use the custom boarding options in Daily Details.  PetExec Custom Boarding.

View ContentPetExec 3.3 - Application Preferences Additions and Modifications

A list of the Application Preference Additions and Modifications included in PetExec 3.3.