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PetExec 3.2 - Spring 2017
View ContentPetExec 3.2 Complete Features List

PetExec 3.2 Complete Feature List includes all the features and enhancements.

View ContentPetExec 3.2 Feature List (Beta Release)

PetExec 3.2 Feature List (Beta Release) is a summary of the new features and enhancements with screen shots of many of the features.

View ContentPetExec 3.2 - Application Preferences Additions and Modifications

A list of the Application Preferences Additions and Modifications included in PetExec 3.2

View ContentPetExec 3.2- Adding "Other" Package Products & Services

An exciting feature of PetExec 3.2 is the ability to add "other" package products for services like grooming, your scheduled services and more  This document covers how to create add these products & services to your PetExec system.  Adding Other Package Products & Services.

View ContentHow do I enable new features released as part of a PetExec software update for my PetExec system?

Each time PetExec launches a software update, the new features and functions are available to you at no extra charge.  All you have to do is enable them!  The following are the steps required to add any new menu options to your employee type.  The menu items that have been added with PetExec 3.2 are listed below.