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3.8.2 & 3.8.3 - Fall 2021
View ContentPetExec 3.8.2 - Fall 2021

A list of all the features included in PetExec 3.8.2.  There were seven new menu options added for these new features, click here for details on how to add new menu options to your employee type.

View ContentPetExec 3.8.3 - Fall 2021

PetExec is issuing a software release Oct 2021.  This release includes back end updates related to password security to further support a stronger encryption standard.  In August 2021, changes were made to password requirements.  This release includes some additional changes behind the scenes to further enable that stronger encryption standard. None of these back end changes will be visible or impact our packmates or their pet owners. 

In addition we are making a few customer facing changes to add efficiency when navigating within Petexec:
Adding a Jump to Vaccinations quick link on the Owner File Upload page to make updating vaccinations easier.

Adding a Jump to contracts quick link on the Owner File Upload page to make updating contracts easier.

Adding Owner and Pet Menus to the top of the modify owner page.

Owner Purchase History will now return all owner orders without having to click "Narrow Results".

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