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PetExec 3.7 - Fall 2019
View ContentPetExec 3.7 Feature List

A list of all the features included in PetExec 3.7.

View ContentPetExec 3.7 Pet Incidents

And overview of the Pet Incidents feature.

View ContentPetExec 3.7 Employee Notifications

An overview of the Employee Notifications feature

View ContentPetExec 3.7 Two Factor Authentication

Overview of how to set up Two Factor Authentication for your employees and pet owners.

View ContentSamples of Notification Content

This document includes samples of Employee Notifications for all notification types and methods and describes the location of the links included in the notification.

View ContentPetExec 3.7 Web Cam Functionality

An overview of the Web Cam Functionality.

View ContentPetExec 3.7 Application Preference Additions and Modifications

A list of all of the PetExec 3.7 Application Preference Additions Modifications.