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PetExec 3.6 - Spring 2019
View ContentPetExec 3.6 Feature List

A list of all the features included in PetExec 3.6.  Links to documentation for the top 5 features and any application preference modifications/additions are included below.

View ContentPetExec 3.6 Boarding eScorecard Overview

An Overview of the Boarding eScorecard Feature.  

View ContentPetExec 3.6 Owner and Pet Advisory Changes

Links to documentation on the new Owner Advisory and Daycare advisory options included in PetExec 3.6

Maintain Owner Advisories

Maintain Pet Advisories

View ContentPetExec 3.6 Daycare & Daycare Package Changes

An Overview of the smart daycare features included in PetExec 3.6.  With PetExec 3.6 you have more control of daycare packages and daycare services. Your current packages will continue to function like they do today without making any changes. Please see the document for additional details.

View ContentPetExec 3.6 Restrict Employee Login by IP Address

An overview of the Restrict Employee IP Login by Address feature.  

View ContentPetExec 3.6 Customize Boarding Status Colors

An overview of the Boarding Status Colors feature and options.

View ContentPetExec 3.6 Application Preference Additions and Modiftications

A list of all the PetExec 3.6 Application Preference Additions and Modifications.

PetExec 3.5 - Fall 2018
View ContentPetExec 3.5 - Features List

A summary of all the features included in PetExec 3.5.

View ContentPetExec 3.5 - Overview of the SMS Pet Snaps Messaging option included in PetExec 3.5

With PetExec 3.5 there are two options for SMS:  Basic SMS Texting and Pet Snaps Messaging.  The attached is an overview of the Pet Snaps Messaging Option.

View ContentPetExec 3.5 - Play Area Manager Overview

An Overview of the new Play Area Manager.  The Play Area Manager gives you the option to view all pets in your play areas and quick move multiple pets between play areas.  Sort and filter by many options, as well as having access to critical pet information.

View ContentPetExec 3.5 Application Preference Additions and Modiftications

A list of all the PetExec 3.5 Application Preference Additions and Modifications.

PetExec 3.4 - Spring 2018
View ContentPetExec 3.4 Features List for Beta Release

A summary of the PetExec features included in 3.4.  This list will continue to be updated during Beta testing.

View ContentPetExec 3.4 Daycare Changes

Detailed document of the Daycare changes included in PetExec 3.4.

View ContentPetExec 3.4 Occupancy Functionality

The Occupancy Functionality PDF provides an overview of this feature which includes the necessary setup. This feature allows businesses to limit the number of pets that can be scheduled, or signed in, on a specific day.

View ContentPetExec 3.4 Override Functionality

The Override Functionality PDF provides an overview including setup details, errors that can be overridden, and step by step instructions.

View ContentPetExec 3.4 Owner Portal Boarding Changes

Detailed document on the Owner Portal Boarding Changes inclued in PetExec 3.4.

PetExec 3.3 - Fall 2017
View ContentPetExec 3.3 Features list with screen shots and instructions

This document is extensive and includes all of the features included in PetExec 3.3 including screen shots and training related notes on how to use the features or the impacts changes.  This document will give you a good idea of what is changing with boarding and emails.  See new email images and find out how to be ready for PetExec 3.3.  Please check back here, this document will continue to be updated throughout the BETA testing period.

PetExec 3.3 Features List with Screen Shots and Instructions


View ContentPetExec 3.3 Features List

This is a "no frills" list of all the PetExec 3.3 Features without explanations or pictures.  Just the list, nothing but the list!

View ContentExamples of Boarding Service Selections

Attached are four different examples of how using the QTY/Day (quantity per day), # of pets (number of pets), # Kennels (number of Kennels) fields affects the calculation of boarding cost and kennels/rooms/spaces allocation:

Examples of Boarding Service Selections in PetExec 3.3

View ContentPetExec 3.3 Custom Boarding

A description of the features of Custom Boarding.  Custom boarding is a PetExec feature that allows you to change details like boarding services, prices and kennels on a daily basis for a boarding appointment.  This document describes how to use the custom boarding options in Daily Details.  PetExec Custom Boarding.

View ContentPetExec 3.3 - Application Preferences Additions and Modifications

A list of the Application Preference Additions and Modifications included in PetExec 3.3.

PetExec 3.2 - Spring 2017
View ContentPetExec 3.2 Complete Features List

PetExec 3.2 Complete Feature List includes all the features and enhancements.

View ContentPetExec 3.2 Feature List (Beta Release)

PetExec 3.2 Feature List (Beta Release) is a summary of the new features and enhancements with screen shots of many of the features.

View ContentPetExec 3.2 - Application Preferences Additions and Modifications

A list of the Application Preferences Additions and Modifications included in PetExec 3.2

View ContentPetExec 3.2- Adding "Other" Package Products & Services

An exciting feature of PetExec 3.2 is the ability to add "other" package products for services like grooming, your scheduled services and more  This document covers how to create add these products & services to your PetExec system.  Adding Other Package Products & Services.

View ContentHow do I enable new features released as part of a PetExec software update for my PetExec system?

Each time PetExec launches a software update, the new features and functions are available to you at no extra charge.  All you have to do is enable them!  The following are the steps required to add any new menu options to your employee type.  The menu items that have been added with PetExec 3.2 are listed below.

PetExec 3.1 - Fall 2016
View ContentPetExec 3.1 Feature List

PetExec 3.1 Feature List includes all the new features and enhancements.

View ContentPetExec 3.1 - New Application Preferences

A list of the new Application Preferences included in PetExec 3.1

View ContentPetExec 3.1 - Boarding Add-Ons Overview

Overview of the Boarding Add-Ons Feature included in PetExec 3.1.

View ContentPetExec 3.1 - Owner Portal

An Overview of the Owner Portal included in PetExec 3.1.

View ContentPetExec 3.1 - Boarding Status

Overview of the Boarding Status field included in PetExec 3.1. Includes the "Wait List" boarding status.

PetExec 3.0 - February 2016
View ContentPetExec 3.0 Layout

Overview of our new look!

View ContentAn Introduction to PetExec 3.0

View ContentPetExec 3.0 Initial Set Up

With PetExec 3.0 so much is new and exciting we have provided the following recommended steps to set up your system.

View ContentPetExec 3.0 New Features

A list of all new, major features included in PetExec 3.0.  See the New Functionality Aide for a description and screen shots of these features.

PetExec 3.05 - Winter 2016
View ContentPetExec 3.05 New Features

A list of all new features included in PetExec 3.05.  See the New Release Functionality Aide for a description and screen shots of these features.