Tip Report

The Tip Report return a list of orders with tips for the selected criteria. 

Click on the employee to either associate a tip with an employee, or change the current employee.  Changes made here will associate an employee with the service in the order for the purpose of this tip report and will not update employee assignments in appointments. 

Tips included on orders will be displayed on this report as well as the grooming report and scheduled service report, depending on the services included on the orders.  

When pulling a report for a given employee they must have been added to the appointment prior to checkout.  This will only apply to services where employees can be assigned (grooming, scheduled services and group training). Tips are never assigned to a specific employee, but are assigned to each order, and be be associated with an employee here for reporting purposes.

Orders highlighted in gray indicate multiple services included in the order.  

Here are a few examples of how the tip reporting works based on the services included.

Example 1: Emerson had a Basic Bath service that was assigned to Grace Clark in the grooming appointment. There was a $3 tip included on the order, so it is displayed here on this report for Grace.  This tip will also appear on the grooming report associated with Grace.  

Example 2: Sadie was checked out on an order with multiple services, daycare, boarding, grooming and an additional service.  There was a $15 tip included on the order.  The grooming service was assigned to Grace and the Hugs and Cuddles service was assigned to Matthew in the appointments.  There is one $15 tip, so it would be up to the business to determine how to split that tip up among the staff.  There is not a way to split tips within the tip report.

Example 3: Comet was checked out of daycare, and a $5 tip was added to the order.   Daycare services cannot be assigned to an employee within the daycare appointment.  Click unknown to associate this tip with an employee. 

tip report 1.png (210 KB)

If tips are typically added only to orders with grooming services, the grooming report is the recommended report for tips. If tips are being taken on orders regardless of service type (i.e. daycare, boarding and others) this report will show the services on the orders where tips were added.  The business can then decide the process for dispersing those tips.

The tip report will only reflect tips added in the system generated tip line item. Custom product/service created to collect tips are not included in this report.


Last Modified: Wednesday, July 20, 2022 at 12:26 PM