Maintain Boarding Packages

Maintain Boarding Packages allows you to view all pet owners with Boarding Packages, or search for a specific pet owner. This is also the best way to see deleted boarding packages for a pet owner.  You can also access boarding packges for a specific pet owner from the owner menu-->maintain packages.

Access this  menu option from the main  Menu-->Order Processing-->Maintain Boarding Packages.

  1. Search by First Name, Last Name, Email Address, or Pet Name. Leave blank to search all Owners with Boarding Packages.  
  2. Click "View Packages' to see all packages for a pet owner.

maintain B pkgs 1.png (96 KB)


When maintaining a Boarding Package for a specific owner, you’ll be able to view Customer Information as well as have visibility into basic information for each package.

  1. Check to show packages deleted from the Owner in addition to Active and Inactive packages.
  2. Modify packages details
  3. Delete package

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Once the ‘Modify’ button beside a package is clicked, changes can be made in the Boarding Package Detail.

  1. The start date of the package cannot be modified.  It is the date the package was added to the cart or purchased.  The end date can be modified, or checked to never expire.
  2. Package notes will only show in the package name field for Boarding Packages.  
  3. The initial number is based on the quantity field in the product/service set up and cannot be modified for a unique package.  The number left can me manually updated to add or remove uses.
  4. The package status can be updated here to active, inactive or deleted.
  5. Notes must be added when making any changes.
  6. Boarding Package history will show when the boarding package was used in a boarding and includes the boarding ID and the order ID when that boarding was checked out.
  7. Change history will log when the packages was added to the cart via Owner Purchase as well as when it was checked out on an order.  The history will also reflect changes made on this page to the package details.


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Last Modified: Friday, May 13, 2022 at 04:52 PM