Maintain Cart

Access this  menu option from the main  Menu-->Order Processing-->Maintain Cart.

The Maintain Cart feature allows you to quickly make certain changes to or delete Products/Services that are in a cart but have not been checked out. 

  1. Items listed without a pet name are typically associated with the owner and not a specific pet, or retail items that are not associated with a pet.
  2. The price and qty fields will update real time on this page. 
  3. Click delete to remove an item from the cart. Caution, deleting items from the cart may remove pets from their respective dashboards.

Maintain cart is a great way to clean up items in the cart.  For example, if the application preference is set to Automatically Add a Boarding Cancellation fee, and you do not want to charge those fees, you can delete those fees from the cart here.  If you are efficiently signing pets in and out each day, maintain cart should reflect those pets that are currently in your facility, signed in and on your dashboard. 

maintain cart 1.png (134 KB)


Last Modified: Thursday, May 12, 2022 at 05:16 PM