PetExec 3.8.5 - March 2022

Adding new payment devices called “Bolt devices” as an option for packmates who integrate with FCMS/Josh Cole.  Bolt devices are dependent on CARDPOINTE integration through First Class Merchant Services. 

The advantage of these new devices is that they allow for a customer facing device for credit card processing.

As part of this integration, changes were made to allow you to set a default payment type when checking out a customer (ie cash, credit, check) as well as a default credit option (card on file, swipe card, use the new bolt devices).  These changes will result in a faster checkout, regardless of whether or not a new bolt device is used.

For more information on bolt devices please contact Josh Cole at First Class Merchant Services.  (407)704-6400 or

The following is a summary of the BOLT changes:  Click for a detailed list of all changes including screen shots from the system, PetExec 3.8.5 Feature List

  1. Changes to maintain payment types screen.
    1. Option to set a default payment type (ie: Cash, credit, etc)
    2. Option to set a default for the credit type (ie: Card on file, bolt, swipe, manual)
    3. Integration when a bolt device is added to your system via Josh/First Class Merchant Services.
    4. Options for the tip settings on the bolt device.
  2. Changes to the order confirmation screen, owner payment, modify order and the look and feel of check out process. The defaults in maintain payment options will reduce clicks on the check out screens.  Also added a streamlined presentation of the pet owner credit card details.
  3. Streamlined presentation of pet owner credit card data on the modify owner screen. Addition of Quick link on page to toggle to the credit card data.
  4. Moved all logging of credit card changes from Modify Owner logs to the Owner Credit card page. Added more detailed logging about where credit card updates are generated.
  5. Logging additional details related to credit card payments on orders and receipt(i.e. cardholder name, auth code, entry mode)
  6. Changes to the tip behavior when tip added before you process an order (bolt, clover mini, mobile signature) as well as bug fix to mobile signature page.
  7. Removed application preferences that are no longer needed as a result of these changes:
    1. Use Credit Card Reader – Defaults in Maintain Payment Options now support this option.
    2. Show Bypass Credit Card Integration Checkbox and Bypass Credit Card Integration Enabled – These options can now be supported by creating a unique payment type for bypassed integration.


Last Modified: Tuesday, March 22, 2022 at 03:11 PM