SMS Logs

The SMS Logs show text messages sent and received to/from pet owners and employees. This menu option is only available to those packages who have purchased the Pet Snaps Messaging option.  The SMS logs will show messages for the last 90 days.

Access the SMS Logs from the Main Menu 🡪 Company Preferences 🡪 Communication Settings 🡪 SMS Logs

  1. Select ‘Start Date’ for date range
  2. Select ‘End Date’ for date range
  3. ‘Month to Date’ shows the current stats of the SMS usage for the month
  4. Select a ‘Type’. The types of SMS messages are Boarding Reminder, Direct Message, Employee Notification, Grooming Reminder, Responses, Scheduled Service Reminder, Temperament Test Reminder, Training Class Reminder, or All to display messages of all Types.
  5. Enter a Phone Number to narrow results or leave blank to search all.  When a phone number is used, the dates and the type selections are ignored and the entire history of the number is displayed.
  6. Click ‘Search’ to generate the data
  7. ‘Download Spreadsheet’ will download an Excel compatible spreadsheet of the data.
  8. ‘Disable Image Check’ will generate data faster, however texts with images attached will show ‘N/A’ in the image column rather than the image icon which can be hovered over to view attached images.

SMS Logs Screenshot 1.png (55 KB)

The data will display below. Column headings can be clicked to sort by that heading.

  1. Enter ‘Search’ terms here to search the data. For example, you can search by a pet name or any words included in the message content.
  2. ‘Date’ is the date the text was sent or received in the case of a response text.
  3. ‘From’ displays the sender of the text
  4. ‘To’ displays the receiver of the text
  5. ‘Type’ displays the message type
  6. Status will show ‘received’, ‘delivered’, or ‘undelivered’
  7. ‘Message’ will show the content of the text
  8. ‘Image’ column will display an icon that can be hovered over to view an image if one was attached to the text. If ‘Disable Image Check’ box is checked, this column will display ‘N/A’ if an image was attached.
  9. The last column without a heading will show a ‘Resend’ button that will resend a text that was outgoing from PetExec or an Employee to the owner.

SMS Logs Screenshot 2.png (87 KB)



Last Modified: Saturday, February 12, 2022 at 09:23 AM