How do I refund a partial credit card payment back to a credit card in PetExec?

To perform a  partial credit card refund in PetExec: (the steps are the same as for a full refund, you just change the amount of selected service in the refund order)

Begin in the pet owners purchase history. From the owner menu-->purchase history.

Click on the order ID for the order you want to refund, it is always best to perform a refund against the original order.  To refund back to a credit card, you must have an existing order with a credit card transaction.

partial refund rvd 1.png (117 KB)

From the next page, click the Apply Refund button:

partial refund rvd 2.png (83 KB)

On the owner refund screen:

  1. Select the product/service you want to refund. Change the price of the service to perform a partial refund.  When the price is updated, the total refund amount is updated below.
  2. Make sure the “Refund to CardPointe”, “Braintree” or “Refund to First Data” button is selected.  This will ensure the refund goes back on the credit card.
  3. Select "credit" as the payment type.
  4. Confirm refund amount.  This amount comes from the total of the services selected above.  The partial refund amount should now be reflected here
  5. Add a note to the refund order.  We suggest adding a note about why the refund was needed for future reference.
  6. Click Process Refund.  This will create a separate refund order in the pet owner’s purchase history.

partial refund rvd 3.png (266 KB)



Additional notes:

Cardpointe does not allow partial refunds on transactions that have not been batched. If you are trying to issue a partial refund and the refund page reads "Cardpointe VOID" instead of "Refund to CardPointe", then the transaction has not yet been batched.  This often happens if you are trying to complete a partial refund for an order that was processed on the same day. If you have the credit card on file, you can try voiding the entire amount and then re-processing the correct amount.


Last Modified: Thursday, February 10, 2022 at 02:36 PM