Quick Quote

The Quick Quote function is used to generate a web quote for selected services.  If a product/service is marked taxable, and there are applicable tax rates in the system the quote will include the calculated taxes and will assume the company's state for taxes. 

The Quick Quote is not intended as an invoice, just an estimate of selected product/services and quantities.  For boarding stays, a boarding invoice estimate is recommended as a more complete quote, as it takes into your system's settings.  You can generate a boarding invoice estimate from the modify boarding page once a boarding is scheduled.

  1. Narrow the ‘Products and Services’ list by using the ‘Product Filter’ or leave blank to view all products and services.
  2. Fill in the quantity field (i.e., if a dog is boarding for 3 nights, you would enter 3 so that the Quick Quote calculates 3 of the Boarding service)
  3. Check the box in the ‘Add’ column beside any products and services to include.
  4. Click ‘Generate Quote’ (Note: You can also click ‘Generate PDF’ for a PDF file of the ‘Quick Quote’ or ‘Click to Print This Page’ for a printable version)

Quick Quote Screen Shot 1.png (142 KB)

Once generated, the Quick Quote will show at the top of the page.

Quick Quote Screen Shot 2.png (33 KB)

To revise the quote, simply check or uncheck products/services and click generate quote.  Refreshing the browser will allow you to start a new quick quote without prior selections.


Last Modified: Wednesday, October 27, 2021 at 05:55 PM