Modify Existing Vendors

Vendors can be modified after they are added by going to the Main Menu-->Products & Services-->Modify Existing Vendors.  

  1. Search by Company Name or Point Of Contact. Or leave field blank and click search to see all vendors.
  2. Click 'Company Name" to Modify a Vendor.
  3. Click ‘Delete’ button to remove the vendor from the system.

mod vendor 1.png (45 KB)

Vendors can be associated with a product/service.  The details entered on the Modify Vendor page are only available on this page, and do not show in any of the product/service reports.  Only the Company Name is displayed in the excel compatiable file of the  product/service list.

mod vendor 2.png (47 KB)


Last Modified: Tuesday, October 19, 2021 at 04:18 PM