Multiple Owner Deactivation

To deactivate multiple owners from the system, go to the main menu-->Owners & Pets-->Multiple Owner Deactivation.

  1. The search date will default to current date.  Select the date and click on the "Search" button to pull a list of owners that have not purchased anything since the selected date.
  2. "Select All" will select all pet owners on the page.  Displayed results are limited to 1000 owners at a time.
  3. You may want to exclude pet owners with future services (ie no recent order history, but they have an upcoming appointment), these pet owners are highlighted in Blue. Uncheck the "deactivate" box to leave those owner active.
  4. You may want to exclude pet owners who have been recently added and therefore have no purchase history.  Check the "date added" and "Last Order Date" to identify these pet owners. Uncheck the "deactivate" box to leave those owner active.

Click to deactivate selected owners/pets.  Both the owner records and the associated pet records will be marked inactive.  Any future services that were scheduled will be removed.



Note: Owners and Pets are still stored in the system and can be reactivated from the main menu-->Owners & Pets-->Reactivate Owner, however, any future scheduled services are not restored and would have to be rescheduled.  Click for details on how to reactivate a pet owner.

Last Modified: Thursday, September 30, 2021 at 02:00 PM