Pet Note Report

This report will return pet notes based on the date range, the Note Type, AND the Pet Name entered.  You may optionally restrict the results by Pet Breed.

The date range references the note's "Note Date/Time" field.  (Note: The "Note Date/Time" field is modifiable so it may not reference the time the note was added or last modified.

The Pet Name Filter field looks for single strings in the pet name and owner's last name fields. (It looks at the beginning of the words.  For example, "and" would return Anderson, but "son" would not.)

To pull all notes and search for specific text within a note, make the start date have a year in the past and click the search button. (leave the pet name filter field blank).  Then use the Search Pet Notes field to find the specific text you are looking for.

In house Only limits you to see notes for pets that are currently signed into a service.

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Last Modified: Sunday, August 15, 2021 at 01:08 PM