Update Communication Settings

Updating communication settings will check all boxes for all automated emails for all pet owners in the Communications Settings section of the owner record.  This can be used if you would like to reset the options for pet owners who have previously opted out of emails.  Caution:  This action cannot be undone.  Pet owners have the option to "opt out" of emails via the link at the bottom of all emails from PetExec. Resetting the communication settings will result in owners who have previously opted out of emails to now receive those emails.

To update communication settings, toggle all checkboxes to reset all, or select the emails/SMS you wish to reset.  Click Reset Selected Values:

comm settings 1.jpg (140 KB)

Here is an example:

comm settings 2.jpg (168 KB)

comm settings 3.jpg (164 KB)

comm settings 4.jpg (117 KB)

We recommend downloading the Owner/Pet report for your owner data prior to resetting values to save a record of what was there prior to resetting.

Last Modified: Sunday, August 15, 2021 at 12:20 PM