Contact Lists

Contact lists provide an option to gather lists of owners and pets based on advisories, appointments, number of daycare visits, employees, owners, packages, pets in-house, recurring billing, and vaccinations.  The data relevant to the list type is displayed along with pet owner contact details.  These lists can then be used to contact pet owners based on the report type selected.  Here is an example:

1) Select the report type, the description below will provide additional details dynamically based on the report type selected. Other selections may also be available dynamically based on the report type selected.

2) Click to show contact details.  PetExec does not generate any email communication to your pet owners here in the contact list screen just based on selections created.

3) The criteria for the list details are shown below.  Each time a list is generated PetExec is generating the list real time so the current data is always shown.

4) Use the filter to easily search the contact list data.

Contact list 1.jpg (271 KB)

Data can be downloaded into excel for use outside of PetExec.  Lists can also be saved, named and accessed again from the Contact List page, and be used in the Email Blast option to easily communicate with that target audience.  Here is an example of a saved list:

1) Report type Advisories (owner) selected.

2) Very Important Owner advisory selected.

3) Clicked "Save List"

4) List named All "very important owners" List.

saved list 1.jpg (141 KB)

This saved list is now accessible from the Report Type Drop down:

report type saved list 1.jpg (88 KB)

This saved list is also available in the Email Blast Option:

email blast saved list 1.jpg (59 KB)


When using saved lists, keep in mind the contact information is pulled real time so the current data is used and not the data at the time the list was saved. Using the example above, if a 'All" very important owners' list' is generated after the date it was saved it will include/exclude any pet owners who had that advisory added/deleted after that original list criteria was created and saved.  When using saved list, you will always be generating a fresh list based on current data in the PetExec software.



Last Modified: Wednesday, August 11, 2021 at 03:14 PM