Add Appointment (Grooming)

To schedule a grooming appointment for a pet click on the grooming dashboard and "Schedule Grooming" button.  Search for the pet by name and click select.

Step 1:  Pet Information/Select a Pet

  1. Pet Details from the pet record are displayed down the left side.
  2. Details from the last 5 grooming appointments are available.  Click Copy to copy the appointment details from the prior appointment to this new appointment.  (Copied fields will be highlighted in yellow and could include services which are not visible.  Please verify all data before saving the appointment when using this copy option).  Refresh the page to start over.
  3. Click to copy just the grooming note from the prior appointment to the new appointment.
  4. Pet Notes that are note type "grooming" and "behavioral" are displayed.
  5. All pets associated with that owner are shown.  Selecting a pet here creates separate appointments for each selected pet, but all appointments will contain the exact same details.  do not use if any appointment details (i.e. pricing, services, groomer, etc.) need to be different for each selected pet.  Instead, right click on the pet name to open in a separate tab and create a unique appointment.

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Step 2: Select from available services.  Products/services with "service type" = grooming are shown.  Filter and/or scroll to see all available services.  Selected services are scheduled for each pet selected above.  Unit prices can be updated while scheduling.

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Step 3: Select a scheduled date, custom repeating to schedule every X weeks starting on a given date for the next X weeks, or use selected days during a date range.  PetExec will not allow multiple appointments for the same pet at the same date/time. However, there are no controls around scheduling multiple pets for the same appointment date, time and groomer.

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Step 4: Add appointment details

  1. Schedule appointment time. This is the start time of the appointment on the grooming calendar.
  2. Duration default can be set in Application Preferences-->Grooming Default Duration for all grooming appointments.
  3. Select groomer.  Employees will appear in this drop down if the "groomer" checkbox is selected in their employee record.  The groomer field can a required field in Application preferences-->Require Groomer.
  4. Notes added to the appointment here will be available to be copied into subsequent appointments.
  5. View all other scheduled appointments for the date selected.
  6. Click "Make Appointment" to add appointment to the calendar/schedule.

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