Boarding Kennel Assignments

Boarding kennel assignments provides an overview of the available/reserved kennel numbers while also showing the specific kennel assignments. This is helpful for visibility to the unique kennels that are available by kennel count and date range.

Boarding Kennel availability is determined based on the values in the "# of Kennels" field on the Modify Boarding Schedule page for each active boarding appointment and is shown for seven consecutive days starting with the date entered.

  1. Select a start date, kennel availability and assignments will be displayed for seven consecutive dates from the start date.
  2. View either the number of available kennels, or the number of reserved kennels. 
  3. Toggle by either day or week to see ongoing kennel availability.  Click previous or next to toggle through dates.
  4. Gray cells are fully booked or overbooked when shown with red text.  Click on the numbers to see the current boarding appointments.
  5. Click to toggle to the Boarding Kennel Availability page to see availability without kennel assignments.

BKassignments 1.jpg (424 KB)

Note: A kennel may be reserved even though a specific kennel has not be assigned, and that a kennel can be assigned even if that same type was not reserved.   When in doubt, check the appointment details, notes, and logs.  Custom boarding appointments are indicated with a custom boarding icon.jpg (1 KB)icon and or a black flag icon.jpg (965 b)icon.  See below for examples.


Example 1:  A kennel may be reserved even though a specific kennel has not be assigned.  The available/reserved kennel numbers will show accurate availability.

  1. There are 4 Happy Dog Small Suites total.
  2. There are 0 suites available on these days.
  3. Suite 4 appears to be an available kennel.  
  4. Clicking on the available/reserved numbers will show the reservations that are using those 4 kennels.
  5. In this example Curly's reservation doesn't have a kennel assigned, but it is still counting towards the reserved kennels.

bk assignrvsd1.jpg (415 KB)


Example 2: Boxer Moore has a Custom Boarding icon (custom boarding icon.jpg (1 KB)) and flag icon (black flag icon.jpg (965 b)).  The custom boarding icon is indicating that there were changes made in the daily details page of the boarding.  The flag icon is indicating the kennel type is not associated with the boarding service.  In this example the pet is assigned the Medium Suite in the boarding services, but he is placed in the X-Large suite.

  1. The flag and custom boarding icons indicate there is something unique about this boarding.  Click on the pet name to access the boarding.  Then click daily details to see what changes were made.  Log history will also show what was changed.
  2. Boxer is being charged for a Med Suite indicated by the service type.
  3. Boxer has been placed in an X-Large Suite #1.


bk assignrvsd2.jpg (592 KB)

Example 3: Wags Thomas has a Custom Boarding Icon (custom boarding icon.jpg (1 KB)) only.  His kennel assignment changes halfway through his stay in order to accommodate that reservation.

  1. Wags in in X-Large Suite #2 Monday, Tuesday and X-Large Suite #3 Wednesday, Thursday due to kennel availability.
  2. Wags service type is the same as his kennels so there is no flag icon for this boarding.
  3. Wags kennels are manually assigned since they vary during the boarding.  These changes are made in the daily details page. 


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