Boarding Kennel Availability

Boarding Kennel availability is determined based on the values in the "# of Kennels" field on the Modify Boarding Schedule page for each active boarding appointment and is shown for seven consecutive days starting with the date entered.

  1. Select a start date, kennel availability will be displayed for seven consecutive dates from the start date.
  2. View either the number of available kennels, or the number of reserved kennels.
  3. Toggle by either day or week to see ongoing kennel availability.  Click previous or next to toggle through dates.
  4. Gray cells are fully booked or overbooked when shown with red text.  Click on the numbers to see the current boarding appointments (see example below).
  5. Click to toggle to the Boarding Kennel Assignments page to see which specific kennels are assigned to which pets.

bka 1.jpg (182 KB)

Click on the available/reserved numbers to see the reservations that comprise those totals.

bka 3.jpg (177 KB)


Additional Options:

If you use Occupancy to manage pet counts as well as kennel counts, hover over the date to see current pet occupancy counts.  Occupancy counts are not considered in the available/reserved numbers, but are accessible from this page.

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