Communication Templates

Communication templates are the message templates that PetExec uses for all automated and blastable messages.  Templates can be edited here.  The controls for sending these messages are sent are in Company Preferences-->Application Preferences-->Email/App Message – Customers. 

To modify the content of automated Email/App Message and/or SMS templates, begin in the PetExec menu under Company Preferences-->Communication Settings-->Communication Templates.  There are two options:  Communication Templates and Blastable Templates. 

  1. Communication Templates are automated emails/app messages that are sent out based on the Application Preference settings found in the Email/App Message – Customers category while the SMS templates are triggered based on the Application Preferences found in the SMS – Customers category.
  2. Blastable Templates are emails/app messages that can be sent on demand. We recommend saving and previewing prior to sending out an Email/App Message blast.
  3. All templates have a default subject, header image, content and footer applied, but you can edit and customize them here. Select the Email/App Message or SMS template you wish to Edit.  You can modify and preview the content once you have made your selection.

commtemplate1A.png (79 KB)

Click "Edit" to modify the look and feel and content of the email.  The following is an example of the boarding template and the associated preview email.  Items numbered in the template, correspond to the preview email below. For complete instructions click here: Communication Templates.

highlevel templated 3.png (818 KB)



highlevel preview 3.png (622 KB)


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