How can I quickly find an owner/pet in PetExec?

1) To quickly find a pet or owner, you can enter the pet's first name and owner last name or the owner's first and last name in the global search field. Single words can also be used to search in other relevant fields.

When using a single word, the global search looks for matches in any part of any word located in the following fields: 

  • owner First Name
  • owner Last Name
  • Additional Owners
  • Primary Email
  • Home/Cell/Work Phone
  • owner Bar Code
  • Pet Name
  • Breed
  • pet Bar/ID Chip Code. 

The results are displayed in alphabetical order based on owner last name, then owner first name, then by pet name.  When two words are entered the search is narrowed down and each individual word is matched against the contents in the owner First Name and Owner Last Name, Pet Name and Owner Last Name, and Breed. (Other fields are ignored when two words are used and two words in any one field will not be successful.)

When the results are displayed you will have access to 2) Pet Menu and 3) Owner menu which make all tasks and information related to owners and pets easily accessible!

gobal search 1a.png (362 KB)


Last Modified: Friday, July 10, 2020 at 11:38 AM