Email Bounce Report

The Email Bounce Report contains pet owners that were identified as having bad email addresses in the Primary Email address field. When a bad email address is identified, PetExec unchecks all the email checkboxes in the Communication Settings section of the Modify Owner page and logs that change. These actions are taken to prevent email attempts to bad email addresses which helps to optimize and improve email delivery and speed. (Bad/undeliverable email addresses are identified based on bounced emails with a subject of “Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender” and with reasons such as “user unknown”, “recipient not found”, “not a valid recipient”, “host or domain name not found”, “host not found”, etc. )

1) Enter the dates to pull a list of owners with bad email addresses identified during the date range.

2) Each owner record is listed with the date their email was identified as a bad email address.  The email address and specific error message is displayed.

3) Click modify owner to open the owner record and update the email address.

bademail1.png (53 KB)


When a bad email address is identified and appears on this report, PetExec will do the following so that emails are not attempted to be sent again:

1) Flag the email address in the owner record and owner communications:

     bademail2.png (35 KB)


   bademail3.png (36 KB)

2) Uncheck all the check boxes in Email Communication Settings in the owner record and add a message that the owner record has a known bad email address.

    bademail4.png (49 KB)

3) Add a log history event showing the action taken.

    bademail5.png (20 KB)


When attempting to send an email to an owner with a known bad email address you will get an error message:

    bademail6.png (56 KB)



Note: If you have your preferences set up to require an email address, but do not have a valid email address for a pet owner, PetExec recommends creating and using an email address for this purpose. This can be a generic email address that can be monitored/maintained by the business and allocated specifically for assigning to those owners that don't have valid email addresses. Emails would then go to that inbox and the business could manage the needed communication via other means.  


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