What do these error messages from the mobile app mean?

This error message is seen by pet owners when a business has not yet subscribed to the mobile app, but they have downloaded the app and attempted to login.  The business must subscribe to the mobile app for their pet owners to have access to it.  Click here for more information on the PetExec Mobile App.  You can subscribe to the by going to the Main Menu-->Company Preferences-->Maintain Company Info-->Purchase Add ons button.

app error 2.PNG (443 KB)


This error message is a result of attempting to login to the mobile app with employee credentials rather than as a pet owner. The PetExec App is an extension of the Owner Portal, and can only be used by Pet Owners, not employees.

app error 1.PNG (454 KB)

Last Modified: Monday, June 08, 2020 at 09:09 PM