PetExec Mobile App Version 1.1.1 Release Notes

The following changes/bug/crash fixes were included in PetExec Mobile App released on 5/29/20.

General Changes:

Removed owner note icon from the navbar. Moved owner notes to the communications page.  Improved layout in the communications section.

Added option to select an active or pending deposit boarding from the make a payment screen in order to apply a payment as a boarding deposit.

Added account balance in the make a payment and purchase package screens.

Added the order discount the purchase history screen.

The purchase package page shows the total pretax amount, tax amount, discount, and total price.

Added boarding status colors to modify boarding page.

Display selected month and year on calendar

Added daycare preferences to the modify pet page and reorganized details on that page.

Added group training to the calendar.

Adding group training instructions to the top of the group training page.

Alpha/Numeric zip codes now allowed for non US zip codes.

Disabled auto login with face/touch id. The user will now have to tap on the fingerprint icon to authenticate with face/touch id.

Error message for companies not enrolled in the app or when logging in with admin/employee credentials will now appear on login page, rather than splash page.

General look and feel improvements and text changes throughout the app.

Bug/Crash Fixes:

Vaccinations page was showing an infinite spinner when a pet did not have vaccinations.

Daycare was using the lunch option as breakfast when scheduling a daycare.

Owners can no longer modify their pet information when the “enable owner information” preference is not selected/disabled.

Fixed crash when going from Modify Boarding page to Schedule Boarding page.

Fixed crash when the default start + end times are set up in the preferences in a way that would return no hours of operations. (i.e. end time was earlier than start time).

Improved the offline functionality. Removed crash caused during offline use. When a user tries to login when offline they will get a message saying there is no internet connection.

Last Modified: Tuesday, June 09, 2020 at 02:03 PM