How do I see all the emails, SMS/texts, and app messages that I have sent to an owner?

Search for an owner using the global search, and click to access the owner menu:

On the communications page:

  1. Click on each tab for app messages, emails, texts, and report cards.  The numbers indicate the number of messages that have not been viewed by the owner.
  2. For App Messages green check marks next to the message indicates the owner has viewed that message in the app.  Red check marks indicate that app message has not been viewed.

For emails and text messages, the view data is showing when the owner viewed the email or text message in the communication settings of the owner portal/app.  It does not reflect whether the owner has viewed the email in their email in box, or viewed the text message on their phone/device.  Employees clicking view on these buttons will allow them to view the details of the communication, it will not update the red/green check boxes.  They are intended to capture when the owner has viewed the message.




Last Modified: Friday, October 25, 2019 at 04:29 PM