Why do I see "other" by my daycare services and "basic" by my daycare packages? Can I remove them?

With PetExec 3.6 you have more control of daycare packages and daycare services with these enhanced smart daycare/daycare package features:

  • Option to select which services can be used with which packages. (i.e. Half day packages can only be used with half day daycare services.)
  • Option to have “half & full day” daycare packages. These new packages will deduct .5 of a use for half day daycare services and 1 use for full day daycare services.

Prior to PetExec 3.6, any daycare package can be used with any daycare product/service, and 1 use is always deducted.  If you have existing products/services in PetExec prior to 3.6, they will continue to work the same way.  You only need to modify your daycare and daycare package services if you want to implement the features listed above.  Click for additional details on the Smart Daycare Features included in PetExec 3.6.

Last Modified: Monday, April 29, 2019 at 09:43 AM