Rebuild Daycare Packages

Changing daycare services and daycare packages in Maintain Products or Services does not impact packages that were sold prior to the changes. Rebuild Daycare Package will copy changes made to daycare package services to owner daycare packages. Clicking on the “Rebuild” button will change existing Active owner daycare packages to update the Service Name, Package Type, and the Associated Services. End dates will be rebuilt only when a package has been set to never expire.Rebulding packages should only be done AFTER modifying the daycare and daycare package services.  Click for additional details on modifying your daycare and daycare package to utilize the "smart daycare features".

Menu-->Company Preferences-->Utilities-->Rebuild Daycare Packages. 

If you don’t see this menu option in your system you will need to enable it for your employee type: Click here for details.  Consider limiting this access to only certain employee types.  Rebuilding packages cannot be undone.

  1. Service ID is the ID number of the package product/service.  When on the modify package page, you can see this service ID in the URL for that product.
  2. Product/service name.  You can click on this to toggle to that modify product service page.
  3. Package type, confirm you have updated your packages prior to rebuilding.
  4. # uses is the number of uses in that package service.  The number of uses is not updated in a rebuild.
  5. Expiration option for that package service.  The expiration will be rebuilt only when a package has been set to never expire.
  6. Associated services, confirm you have updated your packages prior to rebuilding.
  7. # in use is the number of active packages that have been sold to owners.
  8. Click to download all package data.  We recommend downloading the existing owner package data before rebuilding and after rebuilding as a way to audit the changes.
  9. Click to rebuild packages.  Once packages are rebuilt, those changes cannot be undone.

When the “Rebuild” button packages are rebuilt and the results are listed below:

  1. Click to download the results into a spreadsheet
  2. User ID is the ID associated with the employee record that performed the rebuild.
  3. Tracking ID is the unique package ID of each specific package that was rebuilt.


Last Modified: Sunday, April 28, 2019 at 04:41 PM