Owner Activity Report

The owner activity report will show you any activity by an owner in the owner portal.   The data displayed based on report type depends on your application preference settings for the owner portal.  Click "Return Report" each time the Report Type is changed to select a new option.  Each report type will include the following:

All Requests - Will show the following requests based on your application preference settings.  If daycare and boarding application preferences are set to "schedule" you will not see these under all requests.

  • Boarding Requests (if application preference Enable Boarding Schedule For Owners is set to "Request Boarding".)
  • Daycare Requests (if application preference Enable Daycare Schedule For Owners is set to "Request Daycare".)
  • Grooming Requests
  • Group Training Requests
  • Scheduled Service Requests

Billing - Owner payments and purchases.

Boarding - Owner scheduled boardings

​Boarding Requests - Owner requested boardings.

Daycare - Owner scheduled daycares

​Daycare Requests - Owner requested daycares

​Grooming Requests - Owner requested grooming appointments.  Groomings can only be requested via the owner portal.

Group Training Requests - Owner requested group training classes.  Group training classes can only be requested via the owner portal.

​Owners - Modifications made to the owner record (named, address, contact information etc)

Owner File Uploads - All files that were uploaded by pet owners (such as vaccination records, contracts, documents etc.)

Pets - Modifications made to the pet record (pet name, birthday, vaccinations (if application preferences allow) etc)

Scheduled Service Requests - Owner requested grooming appointments.  Scheduled Services can only be requested via the owner portal.


Last Modified: Monday, October 04, 2021 at 05:22 PM