Maintain Products or Services

Maintain products or services provides an option for viewing and managing all of the products/services in Petexec.  

  1. Search by keyword or product name
  2. Search by service type (i.e. Daycare, Daycare Packages, Boarding, Boarding Packages etc).  To see a list of all product/services entered, leave the criteria in both fields blank and just click "search".
  3. Click Edit to edit your product service details.
  4. Click Delete to delete a product service.  Products/services that are deleted will continue to show on orders from sales prior to the service being deleted. If services are scheduled for products that are deleted, it will cause issues throughout the system.
  5. Sort Order, Price, and Qty On-Hand are all fields that can be updated on this screen.  When updated they will be shaded green to indicate a successful update. 
  6. Taxed? indicates if the Taxable field is selected on the product service.  Yes indicates the Taxable field is checked, No indicates the Taxable field is not checked.  The Taxable field in the product/service screen only refers to the state/primary tax.  Additional tax rates are NOT reflected in the Taxed ? column here.
  7. Products selected "show to owner" will be available for scheduling or purchase in the owner portal.
  8. Products selected "boarding add on" will be available in the boarding add on section when scheduling/requesting a boarding in the owner portal when the Enable Boarding Add-Ons application preference is enabled.  These check boxes can also be updated on this screen and will be shaded green to indicate a successful update.
  9. Click to see the log history showing any product/services modifications or deletions.


Last Modified: Friday, April 26, 2019 at 10:01 AM