Boarding Status Colors

Boarding status colors allows you to customize the colors on the boarding calendar based on boarding status.  If you don’t see this menu option in your system you will need to enable it for your employee type: Click here for details.

  1. The current defaults are displayed here.  Click on the highlight color field to modify the color for each status.  The text color will allow you to choose a text color that will display on top of the highlight color. 
  2. Click and drag vertically on the rainbow to change colors, click and drag within the colored square to select the shade.  Or you can type in the color name "pink".
  3. Click “Update Colors” to save changes.
  4. You have to option to reset to default color scheme.  Any changes made will be undone when this box is checked and you click "update colors"
  5. Owner Portal Calendar Legend is displayed so that you can choose colors accordingly. The color selections made here will be reflected on the calendar in the Owner Portal. You may want to avoid selecting colors that are used by other services so your boarding services are easily distinguished in the owner portal calendar.

You have the option to display either the status colors here, or the colors of your boarding products/services with this application preference.  To enable/disable this application preference to to menu-->company preferences-->application preferences:

Here is an example of how you can use this application preference:



Last Modified: Thursday, April 25, 2019 at 05:10 PM