Boarding eScorecard To-Do

The boarding eScorecard to-do allows you manage Feeding, Medication, Eliminations, and custom to-dos for all pets in boarding.  If you don’t see this menu option in your system you will need to enable it for your employee type: Click here for details.

Open the Boarding eScorecard Daily To Do report and select the desired options: (Men-->Daycare & Boarding-->Boarding eScorecard Daily To Do):

  1. Filter by cart status.
  2. Options menu button allows quick access to the related pages.
  3. Indicators are displayed for feeding, medications, and eliminations, so you can tell the status of to-dos at a glance:
    • X = not a selected feeding/med time on the boarding pets page
    • ? = selected feeding/med time on the boarding pets page, but no details entered.
    • Icons = Indicate the selected status for each feeding/med time.  Hover over the icons for details.
    • N/A indicates when there are no custom options created.
    • Clicking on these indicators will allow you to edit the values on the eScorecard
  4. Cart Status applies to the filter.  All pets (scheduled, signed in and checked out), Only Signed in (excludes scheduled, and checked out), Exclude Checked Out (includes scheduled and signed in)
  5. Print option for this page.

For additional details on updating boarding eScorecards please see the Boarding eScorecard Overview.

Last Modified: Thursday, April 25, 2019 at 05:34 PM