Maintain Allowed IPs

Maintain allowed IPs allows you to control where an employee can login to the PetExec system based on the IP address of the Internet access point  they are trying to login from.

An IP address is a unique number on all information technology devices (printers, routers, modems etc) which identifies and allows them the ability to communicate with each other. All internet connections (i.e. the wi-fi at your facility) have a public IP address.  Multiple devices, such as your computer, tablets, and cell-phone, will all have the same public IP address if they are connected to the same wi-fi internet connection.

In PetExec you can enter the Public IP address for the router/modem you wish to have access to the system and then select which employees you want to restrict to just this IP address.  If an employee record is selected to” restrict by IP” they are only able to login to your PetExec system from a device connected via this IP address.  You can add multiple IP addresses if you have more than one internet connection.

Here is an example:​

  • You have one modem/router that provides internet access to your business. 
  • You enter your IP address and set up your employees.
  • Within your business you have multiple computers or devices connected via that router to your internet (computers, phones, tablets etc).  Devices can be connected via wifi or a direct connection, as long as they are connected to the IP address associated with that router they will be allowed to login to PetExec
  • Employees with restricted IP access will NOT be able to login from devices outside of your business.  Employees without restricted access will still be able to login from any device anytime.

Steps to set up maintain allowed IPs:

  1. To get your IP address, click the  button.
  2. Click “Here” in the information box.  Your Public IPv4 will be displayed this is the number you will enter into the IP field.

  1. Enter the Public IPv4 value in the IP field and click “Add IP”.

  1. Click Edit on the employee records you wish to restrict access to.  Check the “Restrict by IP” checkbox and click modify employee to save changes. 

When an employee attempts to login from an IP address that is not allowed, they will get a unique error message on the login screen, so you can determine if the issue is related to their username/password or the restricted IP access.

Additional Notes:

  • You cannot restrict access by specific devices within your business (the local IP addresses), only by the IP address associated with the device providing the Internet connection to your business.
  • Employees with restricted IP access logging into PetExec from mobile devices, if connected wirelessly to the business’s internet and using the IP address entered here, will be allowed to connect.  Those same employees when using their mobile data or a different wi-fi connection outside of the business, will not be able to sign into PetExec from that same mobile device.
  • IP addresses added here may need to be maintained, in the event they change for any reason (i.e new router, change in internet provider, etc).   We recommend having an administrator account that is not restricted by IP address, so that you will always have access to the PetExec system from any computer or network.

Browser tip:  Right click on the “edit” button for employees to open the modify employee page in a new tab on your browser.  You can then click back to the maintain allowed IP tab and continue to update employees.

More information regarding IP addresses is available at



Last Modified: Thursday, April 25, 2019 at 03:23 PM